The Digital Darkroom is now on sale

The Digital Darkroom: The definitive guide to Photo Editing

My first book, The Digital Darkroom: The Definitive Guide to Photo Editing goes on sale today, and is aimed at users of both Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo. This is a unique approach to photo editing books, and photographers of all levels using either software option can benefit from the tutorials that are designed to help you to become an expert image editor.

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Upload to Instagram from your computer

Windowed Instagram software

If you’ve always wanted to upload images to Instagram directly from your desktop or laptop computer, it’s now possible thanks to a free software program called Windowed. By creating a mobile browser with the sole purpose of accessing Instagram, Windowed essentially tricks Instagram into thinking you’re using a mobile device rather than a computer allowing you to upload. And the great thing is, the software is free to use.

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Google Nik Collection is now free

Google Nik Collection

The Google Nik Collection is a powerful suite of image editing programs favoured by professional and enthusiast photographers alike. This amazing software that once cost $150 is now available for free! Find out more about what’s included below, and follow the link at the bottom of the page to download the Google Nik Collection.

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