BenQ ScreenBar Halo LED Light review

BenQ ScreenBar Halo

Creating an optimal workspace is critical for photographers and designers, and light itself is an incredibly important consideration because of how it can affect the monitor screen. The BenQ ScreenBar Halo is an unobtrusive monitor mounted desk light featuring five controls on a wireless controller with the aim of providing optimal lighting without affecting the monitor screen.

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Coinbase NFT is launching soon…

Coinbase NFT marketplace is launching in late 2021

Have you wanted to get involved with the NFT craze, but haven’t been able to get signed up to one of the existing NFT marketplaces due to long waiting lists and/or the need for a referral? Coinbase NFT could be your next chance to join 2021s biggest craze.

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Bleach bypass effect in Affinity Photo

How to apply a bleach bypass effect in Affinity Photo

Learn how to apply a bleach bypass effect in Affinity Photo to boost contrast, accentuate texture and to subtly desaturate your images. The technique works well for all types of photography, and by controlling the overall strength the result can vary dramatically.

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How to add motion blur in Affinity Photo

How to add surreal motion blur to woodland photography in Affinity Photo

Woodland photography is both a challenging and an extremely rewarding subject, and there are several shooting and editing techniques that are commonly used with this type of photography; one editing technique that has grown hugely in popularity over the last few years is to add motion blur to woodland shots to create a surreal kind of vertical panning effect where sharpness and blur collide. So, here’s how to creatively add motion blur in

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How to focus stack images in Affinity Photo

How to focus stack images in Affinity Photo

Focus stacking is a fantastic technique for landscape photography because it provides perfect sharpness throughout the scene you’re shooting. In fact, the results are so sharp the resulting images can look hyperreal. So, here’s how to focus stack images in Affinity Photo.

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The Digital Darkroom is now on sale

The Digital Darkroom: The definitive guide to Photo Editing

My first book, The Digital Darkroom: The Definitive Guide to Photo Editing goes on sale today, and is aimed at users of both Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo. This is a unique approach to photo editing books, and photographers of all levels using either software option can benefit from the tutorials that are designed to help you to become an expert image editor.

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Is Adobe’s Super Resolution any good?

Super resolution in Adobe Camera Raw - tutorial and comparison of results. Is Super Resolution any good?

Super Resolution is a new feature that was introduced in Adobe Camera Raw 13.2, and in a nutshell it provides a way of doubling the resolution of images; the height and width of a Raw file, JPEG or TIFF can be doubled to provide four times the original resolution. Let’s take a look at how to use it with Raw files in Adobe Camera Raw, and ask the important question – is Super Resolution actually any good?

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How to apply the Orton Effect in Affinity Photo

How to apply the Orton Effect in Affinity Photo without losing shadow detail

Learn how to apply the Orton Effect in Affinity Photo to achieve the best effect possible as well as smaller file sizes. By combining the Layers created for the effect into a single Layer file sizes can remain small when saving images as TIFFs or in other formats that support Layers. But most importantly, this approach avoids crushing shadow detail to maintain the most natural effect possible.

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Gift ideas for photographers

Shooting sunrise at Bamburgh Beach with the Sony FE 20mm f/1.8

Find the perfect gift for your photographer friend or relative with this list of incredibly useful photography accessories. Whatever your budget, and whether you’re buying a gift for a birthday, Christmas or any another special occasion, find the ideal gifts for photographers here…

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How to process HDR images in Lightroom

How to process HDR images in Lightroom Classic

Learn how to process HDR images in Lightroom Classic for natural results. HDR photography is a contentious subject because many photographers process images poorly resulting in mushy mid-tones and halos along high contrast subject edges. But this approach is so natural-looking it’s almost impossible to tell that the technique has been used.

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