How to add motion blur in Affinity Photo

How to add surreal motion blur to woodland photography in Affinity Photo

Woodland photography is both a challenging and an extremely rewarding subject, and there are several shooting and editing techniques that are commonly used with this type of photography; one editing technique that has grown hugely in popularity over the last few years is to add motion blur to woodland shots to create a surreal kind of vertical panning effect where sharpness and blur collide. So, here’s how to creatively add motion blur in

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Holme Fen Nature Reserve Location Guide

Silver Birch trees at Holme Fen Nature Reserve in Cambridgeshire on a misty autumn morning.

Holme Fen National Nature Reserve covers a large area of 657 acres near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, and is home to the largest silver birch wood in the UK. At 2.75 metres below sea level it’s the lowest point in Great Britain, and it’s also a Site of Special Scientific Interest thanks to being home to wildlife, insects marsh plants and over 500 types of fungi. For photographers, it’s the best woodland location in Cambridgeshire and attracts landscape photographers from all over the UK.

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