Create a fake Big Stopper effect in Photoshop

How to fake a big stopper or ND filter long exposure effect in Photoshop

Capturing motion in the scene when shooting landscapes is the perfect way to add a sense of dynamism to your photography. For those occasions where you don’t have an ND filter with you, learn how to create a fake Big Stopper effect in Photoshop using this simple technique.

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Creative ways to shoot water in landscapes

Long exposure at Old Hunstanton Beach during blue hour

Capturing movement in the landscape is a simple and highly effective way of adding a sense of dynamism to your landscape photography. And while the mechanical nature of photography can, if left unchecked, render scenes looking like little more than a snapshot, with the right compositional approach and shutter speed you can transform scenes in creative ways that transcend the capabilities of human vision.

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Process big stopper shots like a pro

Learn how to process your big stopper shots like a pro in Adobe Camera Raw with this in-depth video tutorial. It covers a number of important editing skills and will help you to make your big stopper images look their best. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘big stopper’ it simply refers to a 10 stop neutral density filter (ND).

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Middle Black Clough Waterfall Location Guide

Middle Black Clough waterfall in the Peak District UK

Middle Black Clough Waterfall in the Peak District is an amazing location for long exposure photography. And with interesting streams leading up to the falls, there are plenty of photo opportunities that could easily keep you busy for a day. The main falls themselves are in a small area, so you’ll need a wide-angle lens to fit everything in. Something like a 16-35mm on full-frame and 10-20mm on APS-C cameras is perfect.

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